Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tequila, an Xmas spirit .. where it comes from.

Christmas is only a few weeks away. Summer is already here. Time it is to have a few special drinks with neighbours and drop in friends. Here in Adelaide, Australia, it's vino, vino, vino of course, living amidst a prolific grape growing region. For a change I like to share an iced tequila or an iced margarita, which reminds me on examining the bottles, I must restock ASAP. (click on fotos)

Every visitor to Mexico must sample the national drink and also go to see how it is made in Jalisco State, near the city of Guadalajara, Mexico's second largest city. The town of Tequila lies about 50 kms northwest of Guadalajara. There are various organized tours by bus and train that take in the agave fields, distilleries and tequila museum, and finishing with tequila tasting sessions, lunches and mariachi shows. Check the tourist menu for this outing.

The Mexicans tend to drink tequila straight, with a dash of salt licked from the back of one's hand and with a slice of lemon, or lime, all very ritualistic, and not to my liking. I prefer a tequila on ice with a generous squish of lime juice, which is close to a margarita. Easier still is to add a dash of Margarita Mix, which is lime based additive and non-alcoholic. Recipe on the bottle is add 90 ml of Mix and 30 ml tequila to an ice filled glass. Very simple. For more elaborate recipes containing cointreau see Margarita Recipes

The two largest distilleries, Sauza and Cuervo (above) offer public tours and free sampling of their operations.

A typical Sierra brand reposado tequila has 38% alcohol , is a pale yellow colour and readily available at Dan Murphys.
Serve in a shot or small glass with Margarita Mix, a lime derivative, and ice, makes a lovely evening drink.
Merry Xmas

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