Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Catfish make good eating -- Venezuelan style

Last time I was in Venezuela backpacking in the Los Llanos region (= the plains) I encountered along the roadside some stalls where the locals sold fish obtained from the nearby Rio Masparro. These were rather large catfish which had been split open and dried, and some were smoked. They looked delicious. Later on I went for a float trip down the river and encountered this fisherman with a catfish for sale. In the evening I got my spinning rod out and fished the river with some chicken bait. Quickly I caught a catfish and on winding it in found that each side had a piranha fish attached. My catfish had become live bait, so I had caught three fish with one cast. We cooked the fish over our camp fire. More about fishing in South America in my eBook Backpackers Fishing Guide to the Andes

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