Sunday, November 2, 2014

TILAPIA fish? What future in Australia?

Last night I was listening to the radio in bed. It was a talk back. They got on to the topic of tilapia fish as a feral and toxic fish now spreading in the water ways of tropical Queensland. There was concern that it would be detrimental to native species of fish if it got loose in the River Murray waters (too late now with carp and redfin widespread, I wonder which would win out?)

I shall look into this but I have my doubts. Tilapia is a widely farmed fish throughout China, SE Asia, Africa and Central America. It grows fast and is very nutritious. It needs water over 25 degrees to grow. I have eaten tilapia at lakeside restaurants at Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. Fish farms are at each village around the lake. Tilapia provides good eating and affordable fish for the locals. Maybe in Australia we could train aborigines to develop tilapia fish farms up north and so improve their diet?

Fotos: Tilapia fish dish and a little fish farm at Lago Atitalan, Guatemala (click on fotos to enlarge)

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