Monday, November 10, 2014

Guatemalan cuisine is tops for simplicity and presentation

A great attraction for me of Guatemala is the food and what can be created for little cost and presented so attractively. Consider these simple breakfast or luncheon dishes illustrated in the adjacent fotos.(click on fotos to enlarge)

Here we have fried eggs, plantain, refried beans, with a little soft cheese (queso blanco), watermelon and parsley sprig. Alternatively, there is a breakfast of scrambled eggs, refried beans, plantain, salad of tomato with lettuce and a little bowl of mayo. Note the discreet size of the servings of each component. A common failing of Oz pub meals is they are often served with a huge pile of salad which is rarely ever eaten in full unless you are a rabbit.

Then we have eggs, beans, toast and jam, and Gallo beer for breakfast.

This is more of a luncheon dish with pork bits and ham with banana in melted cheese on toast etc.

or here is the menu for a little restaurant at Panajachel, Lago Atitlan.

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